How To Increase AWS SES Sending Limits ?

Note: To prevent abuse AWS gives new accounts a very low sending limit. You can request to increase these limits. Over time, depending on your usage and reputation, you can continue asking AWS to increase these limits. They will do so gladly but only if your email sending reputation is good. So make sure you don’t send out any unsolicited emails.

  1. Go to and sign in to your AWS Account. If you do not have an account you can create one for free. For instructions see this post on ‘How to create a free AWS account’.

  2. Go to the SES dashboard. See below image for instructions.

3. Select ‘Sending Statistics’ on the left and click the blue ‘Request a Sending Limit Increase’ button.

4. Fill in all the details as shown in below screen. Select ‘Web’ for ‘Contact method’ and click the ‘Submit’ button. That’s it. AWS will take a few hours to respond. If AWS needs any extra information they will ask you for the same before increasing your limits.

Right click and download for bigger image.

Do not worry if AWS gives you lesser limits than what you asked for. You can submit another limit increase request explaining your use case in detail. Just send a few emails and wait a few days before you do so.

Remember. If you send unsolicited emails you will risk your account being blocked by AWS.

Happy email sending.

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