What is Send With SES ?

Send With SES is a 'Customer Data', 'Customer Communication' and 'Customer Support' platform. Together, they make it really easy to understand your customer behaviour and send them targeted messages.
Customer Data (and Meta Data)
Customer Communication
Customer Support
Customers are the users of your app/website. You uniquely identify your customers either with their email id or their mobile number. You can stored unlimited contacts.
Your customers perform a series of actions when they are browsing through your website or mobile app - like logging in, adding an item to cart, making a purchase, sharing a link, leaving a review, logging out, etc.
Each action is 'metadata' that indicates some customer behaviour.
You attach all this metadata to individual customers using the 'Send With SES Contacts API'. For example, if a customer adds 'red sneakers' to their wish-list, you attach the 'tag' [red sneakers] to that particular customer.
You can attach as much metadata as required to each customer.
You can filter your contacts using the metadata (tags) to generate your own 'intelligence' and send targeted messages - manually or via the API or through set rules (automations).
Messages can be Emails, SMS, Chat Messages, Push Notifications or a combination thereof.
Send With SES integrates with your own AWS account to send Emails, SMS, and Push Notifications to your customers at low cost while ensuring high deliverability.
Customer support is through a 'Unified Inbox' that holds messages arriving from customers via Email or Chat.
You can integrate the live-chat plugin into your web or mobile app with a single line of code.
When your customer sends you an email or a chat message, it lands in a 'unified inbox' that is shared by one or more members of your customer support team. Anyone can reply to the message and everyone can see the conversation thread to get full contextual clarity about that support request.
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