What is Send With SES ?

Send With SES is a wrapper built around AWS for sending Emails, SMS, and Push Notifications (coming soon) to your customers at low cost while ensuring high deliverability.

Why Do You Need 'Send With SES' ?

  • AWS SES lets you send emails.

  • AWS SNS SMS lets you send Text Messages.

  • AWS SNS lets you send Push Notifications.

  • AWS SNS collect email delivery stats.

  • AWS CloudWatch and S3 collect SMS delivery stats.

  • AWS EC2 lets you coordinate all the above.

  • AWS RDS (or any Database) lets you store and analyze data.

If you are a Startup or a Big Business or a Lonely Entrepreneur developing your dream app, you might be wrangling with above AWS services to send Emails, SMS, and Push Notifications to your users. Now you can do all this through Send With SES for free or for a fraction of the cost.

Tag Based Contact Management Module with Advanced Filters.

In addition to sending messages, Send With SES lets you 'tag' and store all your user details. You can slice-n-dice your contacts and send them targeted messages manually or via the API.

Tag Based Contact Management Module with Advanced Filters

Send With SES has its tech stack spread across AWS and GCP. It is designed for high availability (HA) and can handle billions of messages.

Convinced? Just Signup for the Free plan. No CC needed.

Enterprise Level Everything.

Send With SES comes with all the features you would expect from any reputed service provider -- minus the high cost.

  1. Signup. Create AWS Role. Add DNS entries. Good to go.

  2. Tag based contact management with advanced filters.

  3. Email collection popup - integrate with your web app with one line of code.

  4. Double opt-ins and unsubscribe management.

  5. Realtime delivery stats including link level click tracking.

  6. Active and heuristic SPAM control.

  7. Stand on the Giants Shoulders. Top level message deliverability - your messages are actually delivered by AWS.

  8. Compose and send messages manually or via the API.

  9. Automations (coming soon).

  10. Easiest newsletter designer EVER.

  11. No charges based on number of subscribers/contacts you have.

  12. Yes. There's a generous FREE PLAN.

  13. All plans (including the FREE PLAN) include all features.