Send With SES Alternatives

Note: This page is no longer being updated.

Send With SES lets you send Emails, SMS, and Push Notifications to your customers. Most others only let you send emails.

While we'd like you to use Send With SES, we thought it fair to list out a few other Email Service Providers (ESPs). The ESPs listed here have a good product but cost more. If you are already using one of them and are happy with the price, you should stick with them.

Almost all these ESPs have complex pricing strategies. You will need to select a feature-limited-plan first and within that plan you will be charged based on the contacts you store and/or the number of emails you send.

By contrast, Send With SES comes with these irrevocable promises ... now and in future ......

  • All plans (including the Free Plan) include all features.

  • You are not charged based on the number of contacts/subscribers you have.

Send With SES Alternative Email Service Providers (ESPs)

Send With SES will always cost lesser than any other Email Service Provider.

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