Custom HTML

Custom HTML Editor

Send With SES has a Custom HTML Editor in addition to the inbuilt Email Designer.

The inbuilt Email Designer is easy to use and suits a wide variety of email sending needs. The Custom HTML Editor is for those who want a unique email template to suit their corporate branding needs.

You can compose your HTML within the Custom HTML Editor or copy paste HTML content that you have created elsewhere. You can also create a Custom HTML Template which you can trigger via an API call.

Replace Tags (aka Merge Tags)

Send With SES supports Replace Tags (aka Merge Tag). A REPLACE TAG is indicated by a unique name within double-curly-braces, like so ... {{password-reset-link}}. You can use as many REPLACE TAGS as needed. When sending email, the content within the double-curly-braces will be replaced by the content you send via your API call. Image below illustrates.

Name Replace Tag [[name]]

Send With SES has a 'one-of-a-kind' replace tag called [[name]]. This replaces the [[name]] in your email template with the Full Name associated with your Contact. This allows you to send more personal emails to your users.

The Name Replace Tag must STRICTLY be lower case name in double square brackets like below.


In the above template

Hi [[name]],

is replaced by

Hi John Doe, (if your contact has a name attached to it)


Hi, (if your contact does not have a name attached to it)

NOTE: Name Replace Tag does not work with 'Test Emails'.

Custom HTML - One More Way

In additional to the Custom HTML Editor, there is another way send your custom HTML emails. While we do not recommend it, here's how you can do it in case you really need it ...

1.Create a blank template with just one 'replace tag' {{custom_html}} like below ...

2. Compose your custom HTML using any HTML editor.

3. Replace {{custom_html}} in above template with your custom HTML when triggering an email via the API.

IMPORTANT: HTML for emails is quite tricky as different email clients render HTML differently. So you need to thoroughly test your HTML content with a tool like Litmus.

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