Do I Need A Domain To Send Emails With Amazon SES ?

To send email, Amazon SES requires that you verify your email address or your domain.

If you send emails without verifying your domain, the recipient’s email client displays “sent via”. This is because by default emails from Amazon SES are sent from their domain

When you verify your domain with Amazon SES …

  1. Your emails are sent as originating from your domain and not from Trust-wise, it is always better to show the recipient of your email that the email originated from your organization/company’s domain.

  2. You can also setup other things like SPF, DKIM, DMARC, etc., which greatly enhance email deliverability.

  3. You are verifying all email addresses from that domain, so you don’t need to verify individual email addresses from that domain. For example, if you verify the domain, you can send email from,, or any other user at

So it is always recommended that you verify your domain with Amazon SES.

While all this sounds technical and cumbersome, it is actually quite easy to do these setups via Send With SES.

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