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Send With SES pricing is simple. You are not charged based on the number of contacts/subscribers you have.

Send With SES Pricing Chart
USD 0 / Month
Contacts - Unlimited
Emails - 15,000/Month
SMS - 100/Month
USD - 15 / Month
Contacts - Unlimited
Emails - 100,000/Month
SMS - 100,000/Month
USD 150 / Month
Contacts - Unlimited
Emails - 1,000,000/Month
SMS - 1,000,000/Month
USD 500 / Month
Contacts - Unlimited
Emails - 5,000,000/Month
Emails - 5,000,000/Month
Extra Large
USD 2500 / Month
Contacts - Unlimited
Emails - Unlimited/Month
Emails - Unlimited/Month
Dedicated Account Manager

In addition, you will incur AWS charges if you cross the below free tiers. (AWS will bill you directly).

  • Email Charges: 62,000 Free/Month. Then $1 per 10,000 Emails.
  • SMS Charges: 100 Free/Month. Price varies by country (Ex: USA price is $0.00645/SMS). Full pricing available here in a Google Sheet.
  • Push Notification Charges: 1 Million Free/Month. Then $1/Million Push Notifications.

Total Cost Estimator.

Make a copy of this spreadsheet to estimate your total cost of sending emails/sms/push notifications with Send With SES.

100,000 emails will cost you less than US$ 25 (including Send With SES charges).

Send With SES Total Cost Calculator. If you think there is a mistake in this Cost Estimator, please email [email protected]

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