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Pricing is subject to change. Verify current pricing at
Send With SES pricing is simple.
  • You are not charged based on the number of contacts you have. In fact, you can have unlimited contacts.
  • All plans include all features. Only the usage amount varies. Don't fret comparing plans.
  • Always start with the Free Plan.
  • Before scaling up to any priced plan, make sure you get your SES/SMS limits increased. For example, if you want to switch to the 'Medium Plan' (which lets you send upto 1 million emails), make sure your AWS SES limit is increased to 1 million.
Pricing Plans as of 31 January 2024. Pricing is subject to change. Verify current pricing at
All prices mentioned are EXCLUSIVE of applicable taxes.
In addition, you will incur AWS charges if you cross the below free tiers. (AWS will bill you directly).
  • Email Charges: 3000 Free/Month. Then $1 per 10,000 Emails.
  • SMS Charges: See country wise price list here:
  • Push Notification Charges: 1 Million Free/Month. Then $1/Million Push Notifications.

Total Cost Estimator.

Make a copy of this spreadsheet to estimate your total cost of sending emails/sms/push notifications with Send With SES.
Send With SES Total Cost Calculator. If you think there is a mistake in this Cost Estimator, please email [email protected].