Why Send With SES ?

Send With SES makes it easy to understand your customer behaviour and communicate with them.

Specifically, Send With SES helps you achieve three core things.

  1. Log and analyse all your customer browsing data - in fact log any data points that can help you better understand your users. This is done using the 'Contacts API'.

  2. Send relevant messages via Email, SMS, and Push Notifications.

  3. Support your customers with the Team Inbox.

As you can see, Send With SES revolves around your customer. When you understand your customers better it directly translates to quicker and better profitability.

There are lots of products out in the interwebs that propose to do some or all of the above. These products go by different names - CRM, Customer Data Platform, Customer Engagement, Omni Channel Messaging, Journeys, Flows .... and so on and on. When you strip out all the marketing fluff, the core of everything comes to 'understanding customer behaviour and communicating with them'.

Send With SES focuses on this core. Send With SES achieves everything you would expect from any reputed service provider in the same segment - minus the high cost and high complexity.

Send With SES focuses on speed, simplicity, and ease of use. Our team has built systems that handle billions of data points every day with four nines (99.99) availability. We applied much of that learning to Send With SES. Send With SES is designed to scale massively and be highly available at the same time. Send With SES should be your choice if you crave speed, simplicity, ease of use.

Send With SES comes with a generous free plan.

Sign up if you are convinced.

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