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Why Send With SES ?

Why ?

Every app ever built needs to communicate with its users, primarily via Email and SMS.
To illustrate ...
  • User Sign Up - Send a verification Email or One-Time-Password (OTP).
  • After Signup - Send a Welcome Email.
  • Forgot Password - Send a reset password link.
  • User Purchased Something - Send an order confirmation Email and SMS.
... the list goes on.
Traditionally you composed these messages within your application code or used an expensive third party email/sms service provider. If you wanted to make even a minor change, you had to dig into your code, make the changes and do all the git push-pull, staging, production rollout, etc.
With Send With SES, you simply create a template for every kind of Email/SMS you want to send ... like the 'Verify Email' template below ...
{{verify-email-link}} is a 'replace tag' (aka merge tag). Clicking 'How To' below the email template will give you all the details how to make the API call.
Whenever a user signs up, you just trigger the above template via a simple API call like below ...
"method": "POST",
"url": "",
"headers": {"x-api-key": "a2aa10aC3hoGq1BW2EJosTUO25BtiBi"},
"body": {
"email": "[email protected]",
"verify-email-link": "Value"
Sending an SMS also works the same way. Again, a very simple API call.
Anytime you want to edit a template, just log in to Send With SES, make the changes to your template and save. You don't need to wrangle with your application code.
Every Email/SMS sent is individually tracked so you know its status in near real time.
In addition to sending messages, Send With SES lets you 'tag' and store all your contacts. You can slice-n-dice your contacts and send them targeted messages manually or via the API.
Tag Based Contact Management Module with Advanced Filters
That's not all. If you want to send an occasional email campaign to all your users, you can do that via (probably) the easiest email designer ever ...
You can send bulk SMS campaigns too ...
As you can see, Send With SES makes everything a whole lot easier ... and cheaper. Send With SES integrates with your AWS account. Emails and SMS are actually sent from your very own AWS account, thus insulating you from other bad actors who send spam.
And finally, Send With SES can scale to billions of messages. The only limitation is the sending quota set by AWS to your account. You can always request a quota increase.

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