Move Out of SES Sandbox and Increase AWS SES Limits.

Move out of AWS SES Sandbox and increase your sending limits.

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To prevent fraud and abuse AWS puts new accounts in 'Sandbox Mode' with certain restrictions. Follow the below steps to get out of the Sandbox and increase your sending limits.









That’s it. AWS will take a few hours to respond. If AWS needs any extra information they will ask you for the same before increasing your limits.

Do not worry if AWS gives you lesser limits than what you asked for. Just send a few emails, wait a few days and submit another limit increase request.

Over time, depending on your usage and reputation, you can continue asking AWS to increase these limits. They will do so gladly but only if your email sending reputation is good. So make sure you don’t send out any unsolicited emails.


Sending thousands of emails immediately after creating your account will trigger 'red-flags' with email service providers (like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook). They may start to divert your emails to spam folders. Start by sending just a few emails and gradually increase them over a couple of weeks.


If you send unsolicited emails your account will be banned by AWS. Send With SES will not be able to help you in this case.

Happy email sending.

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