Contact = Customer.

The Contacts page is the first thing you see when you log in to Send With SES. Each of your 'customer' is represented by a 'contact' which is their Email ID or Mobile number. You can add contacts manually or via the API or import a CSV file.

The contacts module in Send With SES is VERY powerful and can do a lot more than just store contacts. You can attach lots of 'metadata' to contacts. For example, if a customer adds 'red sneakers' to their wish-list, you attach the 'tag' [red sneakers] to that particular customer. You can then filter your contacts using these tags to generate your own 'signals intelligence' and send targeted messages manually or via the API or through set rules (automations).

You can attach as many tags (signals) as required to each customer. In fact every time a customer logs in to your website or app, your can stream and store all of their browsing events in real-time. This way you can construct a time line for each and every customer. You can then analyse this data to under individual customer behaviour as well as collective user behaviour. We call this 'signals intelligence'.

You use the 'Send With SES Contacts API' to stream and store customer browsing events. This API is usually called to add/update contacts and to attach/detach tags (metadata) to contacts.

      "method": "POST",
      "url": "",
      "headers": {"template-key": "*****************************zkLG"},
      "body": {
          "email": "",
          "status": "Unsubscribe",
          "full_name": "John Due",
          "mobile": "+918098763849",
          "dob": "10-10-1990",
          "gender": "Male",
          "city": "Hyderabad",
          "country": "India",
          "add_tags": "aaa,bbb,ccc",
          "remove_tags": "ddd,eee,fff"


  • All API calls MUST include the Contact Upload Secret Key (i.e. the template-key).

  • All API calls MUST include the 'Primary Key' of the contact. Primary Key is used to uniquely identify a customer in the database. This is either the Email or the Mobile Number of a customer.

  • Mobile numbers MUST STRICTLY be in E.164 format. (Example: +442071838750). Plus (+) followed by country code followed by mobile number WITHOUT spaces, dashes or brackets. See this link for more information

API calls are subject to rate limits as per your plan. This is the rate at which you can call the Send With SES Contacts API.

PlanRate Limit (requests/minute)






Upto 60,000

To illustrate, the 'Paid Plan' has a stream rate of 1800 requests/minute. This lets you do a steady rate of 30 calls per second or a single burst of 1800 calls in one second or anywhere in between. The total API calls must not exceed 1800 in 60 seconds.

NOTE-1: API rate limit is a soft limit for paid plans, meaning you can do short bursts that exceed the rate limits as long as you are not abusing our systems.

NOTE-2: API rate limit is independent of your Email/SMS sending rate. Email/SMS sending rates are determined by AWS. For example, if your AWS SES email sending rate is 250/second, you can send up to 250 emails per second even if you are on the 'Free Plan'.

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