Send With SES integrates with your AWS SES account to send emails. You can send emails manually or via the API. You can send both Transactional and Marketing emails.

MANUAL EMAIL: To send an email manually, select one or more contacts or filter contacts using the options in the left panel and click "Send Button" at top. You will be shown a popup where you can compose your email. You can use the Send With SES Email designer or the HTML Editor. If you have purchased any HTML template, you can copy-paste that code in to the HTML Editor.

API EMAIL: You must create a 'Template' for every type of email you wish to send via the API. Click '+' in the Email > API section. Give your template a name and select format and type. Click save. You can now edit the content of a template to suit your needs.

REPLACE TAGS (AKA Merge Tags): When composing API emails, you can use Replace Tags, also called as Merge Tags. There are two types of replace tags.

  1. Normal Replace Tags: This replace tag is indicated by a unique name within double-curly-brackets, like ... {{password-reset-link}}. When sending email, the content within the double-curly-brackets will be replaced by the content you send via your API call.

  2. Name Replace Tag: This is a special kind of replace tag that must be STRICTLY written as [[name]] i.e. lower case name in double square brackets. Use the name replace tag to send personalised emails to your users. This replaces the [[name]] in your email template with the Full Name associated with your Contact.

Click "How To" button below the email template for API details.

      "method": "POST",
      "url": "",
      "headers": {"template-key": "***********************HOcm"},
      "body": {
          "email": "",
          "subject": "Subject",
          "this-is-a-replace-tag": "Value"


  • All API calls MUST include the Template Key. Template Key is unique to each email template you create.

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