Send With SES

Is It For Me ?

If you are an AWS user you might very well know about AWS's Simple Email Service (AWS SES). It's a highly reliable email delivery service that comes at a very low cost. What you may not be aware is that you can also send SMS's (text messages) to almost every country in the world using AWS SNS.
Send With SES is a service that integrates with your own AWS account to send these Emails and SMS's. To achieve this, you need to follow a few steps that we have listed in the 'Getting Started' guide. This is a one time process. Once complete, you can enjoy the benefits of a highly reliable and low cost email/sms sending service that will last you for as long as you wish.
If you are an existing AWS SES user, the whole integration can be completed within 20 minutes and you can start sending emails immediately. If you are a new AWS User, it might take upto 24 hours for AWS to approve your account for sending emails and SMS's.
In short, spend a little time setting up Send With SES and save your money and sanity forever.

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